Kilkhampton Parish Council

The agenda for the Regular Parish Council meeting
On Monday 1st February 2021 at 7.30pm via Google Meet.




Adopt Code of Conduct
Declaration of Interest

Public Speaking Session

Should anyone wish to attend this meeting, please email for information on how to join.


1.PA20/11375 Proposal Two storey rear extension Location Tamaryn Penstowe Road Kilkhampton Bude Applicant Mr Sharp Grid Ref 225136 / 11

2. PA20/11378 Proposal Outline Planning for 5 dwellings Location Penstowe Manor Penstowe Park Kilkhampton Bude Applicant Mr W Stone Penstowe Manor Ltd
3 PA20/11017 Proposal Part first floor and single storey side extension including front entrance porch and annexe. Erection of a detached garage and store. Location Woodlands Bush Bude Cornwall
4. PA20/11488 Proposal Proposed construction of a new dwelling (to replace extant Class Q Prior Approval Consent) Location Land East Of Lower Scadghill Kilkhampton Bude Cornwall Applicant Mr Titus Brimacombe
4. PA21/00306 Proposal Removal of Sycamores and Ash tre Location Ashton House West Street Kilkhampton Bude Cornwall Applicant Mrs Gillian Gilbert
6. PA21/00483  Non-material amendment to planning permission CC/NC/2006/00989 to temporarily amend the approved operating hours for a period of five weeks to permit the opening of the site to members of the public until 18:00 hours followed by a 30 minute period to allow site staff to close and exit the site on five consecutive Wednesdays from Wednesday 3rd March 2021 up to and including Wednesday 31st March 2021 Location Cornwall Council Tiscott Recycling Depot Tiscott Wood Bush Bude Cornwall EX23 9LE Applicant Mr Niall Kelly Cornwall Energy Recovery Ltd

1. Car park and Toilets
2. Kiosk including quote from M V Plant
3. Letter to Mr Richard White
4. Project Report
5. Other matters arising from the minutes

1. Footpaths
2. Playing Fields and Lambpark Trust
3. School
4. Grenville Rooms

Months work



Finance £50,551.24

Invoices paid £ 18.24 British Gas
£ 67.50 S Gifford
£ 1,627.29 Clerk Wage and Exps
£ 2,200.00 Lambpark Trust
£ 256.96 Gilbert and Vanstone
£ 1,776.00 A P Cottle
£ 800.00 Archies Garden Services
£ 170.00 D.Bragg
£ 38.46 EON Energy

Money Paid In £ 103.80 Toilet Money

Invoices to be paid £ 30.34 Bridgmans,  £34  K & J Building Services

Balance £43,700.59

Date of the next Parish Council Meeting is –

Monday 1st March 2021 at 7.30pm