Kilkhampton Parish Council


The agenda for the General Kilkhampton Parish Council meeting.

On Monday 5th September 2022 to begin at 7.30pm at the Grenville Rooms.








Adopt Code of Conduct

Declaration of Interest


Public Speaking Session




  • PA22/06781 Proposal Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for an Existing use: Small conservatory built 2021 Location Hope House West Street Kilkhampton Bude Applicant Emma Drew
  • PA22/06909 Proposal Non-material amendment (NMA1) in relation to decision PA21/07805 dated 30.03.2022 for change to Plot 2 layout, elevation materials palette and some internal house type revisions Location Land North East Of Morwenna House Kilkhampton Bude Cornwall Applicant Will Morris Kilkhampton Land LTD
  • PA22/07456 Proposal Siting of two shepherds huts for use as holiday accommodation as part of farm diversification Location Halls Farm, North Park Stibb Road Bude Cornwall Applicant Mr And Mrs Drew
  • PA22/07436 Proposal new septic tank in field Location Ashgrove Lodge Road From East Road To Thurdon Thurdon Bude Applicant Mr Alan Brooks
  • PA22/07437 Proposal Single storey side extension following demolition of existing single storey side workshop Location Tregarth West Street Kilkhampton Bude Applicant Mr And Mrs Mark Foster



  1. Car park and Toilets
  2. Lambpark (Glebe) Development
  3. Lambpark Pre-school development
  4. Skatepark maintenance.
  5. Naming of Land East of Rosecott Park
  6. Other matters arising from the minutes



  1. Footpaths
  2. Playing Fields and Lambpark Trust
  3. School
  4. Grenville Rooms


Months work





Letter re: Charging point at car park

Wallgate email.



Invoices paid                                      £      240.00 P K F Littlejohn

£        63.00  S Gifford

£     495.00  Archies Garden Services

£       36.32  Bridgmans

£  2,654.40  M Vanstone

£      81.98  N Power

£     249.44  S W Water

£     23.53  British Gas

£    118.00  Alan Somerfield

£       24.39  British Gas


Monies Received                               £    146.70  Toilet Money

£  1,660.46  VAT refund

£      144.60  Toilet Money

£  1,293.77  Jubilee money


Invoices to be paid                           £


Balance                                              £42,577.28


Date of the next General Parish Council Meeting is –


Monday 3rd October 2022 at 7.30pm in The Grenville Rooms.