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The Council

Kilkhampton Parish Council Meeting dates:

First Monday of each month: 7.30pm at the Grenville Rooms

Chairman: Councillor Clive Vanstone
Vice Chairman Councillor Kingsley Bryant Parish Councillors (10 seats)

Timothy Cottle – Register of Interests – TC
Clive Vanstone – Register of Interests – CV
Kingsley Bryant – Register of Interests – KB
Reginald Hambley – Register of Interests – RH
Ian Heard – Register of Interests – IH
Keith Ovenden – Register of Interests – KO
Roly Nancekivell – Register of Interests – RN
Phil Sluggett – Register of Interests – PS
Lee Bond – Register of Interests – LB
Vinnie James – Register of Interests – LJ


Lambpark Trust Committee
Cllr Clive Vanstone, Cllr Tim Cottle, Cllr Reg Hambley, Cllr Ian Heard

School Representative
Cllr Lee Bond

Footpath Committee
Cllr Phil Sluggett and Cllr Ian Heard

Transport and Traffic Committee
Cllr Reg Hambley, Cllr Tim Cottle, Cllr Keith Ovendon, Cllr Kingsley Bryant

Genville Rooms
Cllr Reg Hambley, Cllr Ian Heard, Cllr Clive Vanstone

Solar Farm Community Committee
Cllr Clive Vanstone, Cllr Tim Cottle, Cllr Reg Hambley

Network Panel Committee
Cllr Roly Nancekivell, Cllr Lee Bond

Planning Liaison Officer
Cllr Reg Hambley

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